Nature creates the most amazing things. Vibrant colors and sculptural shapes. Even our most common vegetables are pieces of art.
The Roots collection is a celebration of this.

the story

In the agrarian society people lived after the seasons, rather than living after days or even minutes.
The year was planned after when to harvest what and how to make the crops last the whole winter.
The Roots collection started with the product Säsongskalender, a calendar without dates that shows what to eat
during each season. It also includes tip on how to handle the food and a pizza recipe for each season.

The collection also consists of trivets, cutting boards and trays made from MDF, sustainably at Öland (Sweden).
There are also posters from the collection, printed in Gothenburg (Sweden).

in the studio

The collection is painted with a mix of aquarelle colors, color pencils and felt pencils by Matilda Hunyadi.


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