Medinilla Magnifica is a playful free spirit, not afraid to of expressive elements. The original svepask stored butter or functioned as the first lunch boxes. Medinilla Magnifica stores light, the symbol of our most precious resource today -energy.

Medinilla Magnifica comes in two sizes:
Small (Ø=18 cm) – 5700 kr
Large (Ø= 50 cm) – 9000 kr

The small Medinilla color versions:
Pine (uncolored), Forrest and Heather.
The large Medinilla color versions:
Pine (uncolored), Salmon and Lichen (light green).

The lamps are made by layers of pine wood that are treated with hard wax and sold with a fabric chord.

The name Medinilla Magnifica is the latin name for the flower also called Rosenskärm in Swedish. The organic shapes of petal leaves was a big inspiration when designing this lamp, and since the flower Medinilla Magnifica hangs downwards just as our lamp the naming was ment to be.

Amazing singer Daniella Kruth portraits the characters Medinilla Magnifica and Victoria Amazonica, capturing the soul of our products. For us products are so much more than simply a practical function. Our products are poetry, stories and us having fun creating products with a personality.


Victoria Amazonica is calm, with steady feet on the grown. She has integrity, but hides colors that shines with a soft light when she opens the lid.
Victoria Amazonica stores glossy magazines, that essential remote or some well deserved afternoon chocolate delights.

Victoria Amazonica comes with or without a painted tabletop:
Pine – 15000 kr
Floral – 17000 kr

Measurements: Ø= 65 cm x 45 cm
Storage dept ca 10 cm

The name Victoria Amazonica
is the latin name for the giant Water Lilies (jättenäckros). It wasn’t ment to look like a Water Lily from the beginning, but in the end it simply had become a giant Water Lily so it had to be given the name.


The Sweep Me collection began with svepteknik, an old craft technique that can be traced all the way to ancient Egypt. Svepteknik is made by steaming thin wood chips and bending them into boxes, sieves or suitcases. It is material-saving, efficient method that creates a lightweight design with elegant expression.

Images taken at the HDK Sloyd Teacher Education in Gothenburg, where lecturer Carl Gurnell introduced us to the technicalities of svepteknik.


For us, it is important to design in a was that comes natural for the wood and that makes sense from an craft and production perspective. The Sweep Me collection is made with the highest level of craftsmanship by super skilled CAJ collective in Skarpnäck, Stockholm. CAJ collective are educated at one of Swedens top schools for furniture carpentry, Carl Malmstensskolan.


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