the production

All of our trivets, cutting boards and trays are produced at Formpress, a family business from swedish island Öland. All of their products are made by hand, one by one, in natural materials. A true kraft that makes every product unique.

Formpress strives to constantly make their production more sustainable through minimizing transports, energy consumption and material usuage. They are not using water or solvents and waste is recycled.
(Source text and images: Formpress)

Our kitchen towels are produced at TekoTryck in Sölvesborg. The technique used is screen printing with waterbased colors that are environmentally friendly. The fabric and sewing are made in Lithuania.
(Source text and images: TekoTryck, Enterprise Magazine)

Our kitchen pillows are printed at Tobex in Borås. The technique used is digital printing with waterbased colors that are environmentally friendly. This is what Tobex does to increase their sustainability:

  • Using water based colors.
  • Having low energy consumption. The machines use little energy and Tobex only uses low energy lamps. They always turn off computers and machines when they leave for the day.
  • Minimize material waste. When using digital print, the material waste will be minimized since the machines can print very close to the edge.
  • They minimize the amount of rest products both considering colors, materials and packaging.
  • They reuse as much as possible, for example packaging such as cardboard, plastic and paper tubes. Left over fabrics are donated to pre-schooles or used as wiping cloth.
  • They recycle.
  • They only buy Fair Trade and eco-coffee.
  • They buy recycled paper.

The sewing is made in Estonia.
(Source text and images: Tobex)

Säsongskalender is produced at Silanders Grafiska in Majorna (Gothenburg), Sweden.

Silanders recycles all paper waste and uses eco-labeled paper as much as possible For offset print they only use colors that are based on vegetable oils. They follow the development in the business and updates their production when they find more environmentally friendly services and products. (Source text and images: Silanders Grafiska)

For the Sweep Me collection Premium Version, SLOYDLAB is collaborating with furniture carpentry CAJ collective (based in Stockholm). CAJ consists of Carl Molin, Anton Möllefors and Joel Åkerblom who has studied at Carl Malmstens Furniture Studies in Stockholm. Having a close collaboration early in the process, gives us a very high level of craftmanship in our products.


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