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I remember being in middle school when a sudden passion for the 70s began, a passion that I still have. I guess it was then my interest for form history started and the connection between the 70s and my interest in folklore is quite obvious. But it wasn’t until my master at Konstfack, that I decided to implement my interest in form history in my work as a designer. That journey eventually resulted in my master thesis, the cabinet Bohuslän, and the conclusions I drew from that is what eventually became SLOYDLAB.

My conclusions was this:
All things created elaborates on something else in some way. By letting this heritage be more present both in my process and communicated clearly in the presentation of the object, I could create things that have a history even when they are brand new.

Why this is important?
Because things needs to mean something to us. If they don’t, we won’t take care of them as much. By giving SLOYDLABs objects a personality not just in the way they look, but through their heritage, hopefully they will have both a history and a long future.

//Matilda Hunyadi – Designer & founder

Matilda studied her master in industrial design at Konstfack, Stockholm, and a bachelor in industrial design in Lund. She has previously exhibited at for example London Design Festival, Stockholm Furniture Fair and Artipelag in Stockholm, and has been published in magazines such as Plaza Interior and the New York Times.

bohuslän cabinet
Skåpen copy2


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