Well turned legs

Turned wood has a rhythm. It invites you to place your hand on it to feel the softness and the change of shapes. I wanted to reintroduce turned legs with a modern frame.


Secret garden

A sleek cabinet with a seret garden. Fold the doors half-open just slightly reveal- ing the expressive inside, or open it fully to let the lush greenery burst out in the room.

The Hortus pattern is originally a 50×70 cm aquarelle/mix-technique painting that took almost two years to finish. The painting is printed on the wood and you can see the grains in-between the branches.

Hortus doors are foldable, giving you a diverse way of showing your cabinet.


Deep green flow

A contemporary ornament inspired by seashores and waves, Ora Maritima is a scenographic cabinet with an ornamental 3D effect.

The idea of peak holes in museums, seeing objects through different shapes.
Instead of only square shapes to make the window interact with the object it displays.

Finished with a simple fish tale as legs.
Ora Maritima is made from Swedish pine plywood.


Sculptural shelving

Who’s Etienne? is inspired by the Eti- enne shelf popular during the 1800s. The shape strives upward, and beautiful patterns with in wood grains appears.

The system is modular and can be order in various sizes, colors and shapes.

Put together without tools. The shelves in the image are made from Swedish pine wood and measures 75x70x35 cm and 110x35x35 cm.


Ornamental obsessions

To crown a cabinet is an act of respect and celebration of the furniture and what it stores. Loose textile structures meets sturdy wood, as Texentes strives towards the ceiling.


Milk stool trompe l'œille

The essence of folklore luxe: A faithful old servant, the milk stool, getting an elegant face lift and a hint of trompe l’œille. Is the bar pinched in place?



Ornamental extra-everything, Baluster is a piece of passion, the ultimate furniture romance. A vigorous construction made from exuberant curves, that hits the top like wild waves on a rock. Intense and soft at the same time. 



Striving up from the ground, the legs meet in a four armed vault construction that transforms into a branch-like ornament that builds tension towards the top.
Salix is a graphic take on 1900s cafe furniture, and serves tiny-Eiffel-vibes to your dining set.


Looking at you

What do you see? A little creature or something else? Bubo Bubo is a series of stools that almost floats on the ground. Inspired by ionic pillars and owls.